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  1. Linking Books to Play

    Linking Books to Play

    With an increased focus on communication and language in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), settings and schools need to consider their provision.  Leaders will now be thinking about their current provision and whether adjustments need to be made to ensure children are given an abundance of opportunities to talk, share stories, extend their vocabulary, engage in imaginative role...
  2. The Best Crate Shelfie Ideas for Children

    The Best Crate Shelfie Ideas for Children

    Wooden crates and shelves can be so versatile. Particularly, Crates are ideal for storage and pack away settings – where they can be stacked on shelves. Stacked on their sides, crates make amazingly inviting self select Story shelves or ‘Shelfies’. Listed below are our best crate Shelfie ideas for children to give you some inspiration for using them in your...

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