1. Think Don't Throw

    Think Don't Throw

    We know all too well here at Cosy that many nurseries and schools are opting more and more for natural resources. Wood, wicker, and ‘real’ items are increasingly popular - and for good reason! They look beautiful, follow many theories of effective learning, and make a calm, happy space. They are also, by and large, a more sustainable option as...
  2. The Best Crate Shelfie Ideas for Children

    The Best Crate Shelfie Ideas for Children

    Wooden crates and shelves can be so versatile. Particularly, Crates are ideal for storage and pack away settings – where they can be stacked on shelves. Stacked on their sides, crates make amazingly inviting self select Story shelves or ‘Shelfies’. Listed below are our best crate Shelfie ideas for children to give you some inspiration for using them in your...

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