Autumn is a special time of year and with lots to discover, play with and learn about. Seasons, falling leaves, conkers and lots of natural loose part treasures to collect on your autumn walks.

Crates make great locations for setting up areas for children to discover. Crates can be packed up and taken outdoors too.

We have gathered some of our favourite autumn crate shelfie ideas to inspire you.

Autumn crate shelfie ideas to inspire you

Add sorting pots and bowls for collecting and displaying your autumnal loose parts treasures.

We love this crate set up below from Claire Wilson Childminder. With books added to each crate to learn about all aspects of autumn. Use crate connectors to join your crates and ensure that they are fixed to the wall if you do this to stop them from falling over onto children.

Image credit: Claire Wilson Childminder

Crates also work well in tuff trays - they give height and an added area of interest. Below is a lovely example for decorating leaves.

Bookish play is popular amongst early years settings. How lovely would it be to have story time next to a crate of Autumn treasures and story props.

Autumn tray play using a crate - giving extra areas for display and focus. We love the use of sensory chickpeas in this example below.

We're going on a leaf hunt. Such a lovely outdoor crate selfie. Focusing on leaves, giving children the opportunity to go on a leaf hunt - what leaves will they discover and which ones can they identify themselves. These wooden leaf discs are perfect to carry as examples and a reference.

Autumn mud kitchens using crates. Creating a pop up mud kitchen anywhere with crates and wooden counter tops. Fill your kitchen will autumn treasures and nature. What will your children cook, mix, bake, stir?

Small world crate play - why not create a table with your crates for children to discover? Add autumn treasures and woodland animals for play.

Check out this Halloween provocation with crates - imagine the childrens' faces when they discover something like this!

Autumn loose parts look amazing in this crate of tinker trays!

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With thanks to The Cosy Creatives and Cosy Club Members for this blog post and images.