1. Maths Outdoors with Cosy Maths Box

    Maths Outdoors with Cosy Maths Box

    This outdoor box is ideal to explore Maths in the great outdoors. There are many ways of using this box and we are sure that children will come up with even more ideas. Simply use discs and sticks provided and encourage children to add natural treasures, such as stones, sticks, flowers, petals, acorns and more. This new Maths crate is...
  2. Outdoor Maths Activities in the Early Years

    Outdoor Maths Activities in the Early Years

    The outdoor environment can hold tremendous value when it comes to inspiring mathematical play and learning.  There is a whole world of possibilities, free from the confines of the classroom.  In the outdoors, children have greater opportunity to play on a bigger, messier and noisier scale, making it a place where we can encourage future mathematicians. However, it’s important to...
  3. Acorn activity ideas

    Acorn activity ideas

    Acorns can be used in play in a variety of ways. They are perfect during the autumn months. Acorns usually drop from their trees late summer, early autumn. Acorns are the fruit of the oak tree. They contain the seeds that can grow new oak trees, and falling to the ground is part of the tree's lifecycle – this is how...

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