1. Sustainable Bamboo resources

    Sustainable Bamboo resources

    Bamboo is used to make a huge range of products these days from toothbrushes to textiles and our popular bamboo resources such as water chutes and channeling, sorting trays and counting pots. But how sustainable is Bamboo? It can be harvested in 3 years so is relatively fast-growing compared to trees which can be from 10-20 years. This makes it...
  2. Cosy Green Christmas Activity Ideas

    Cosy Green Christmas Activity Ideas

    A inspiring selection of all the wonderful sustainable Cosy Green, upcycled and recycled Christmas and festive activity ideas. From activities and crafts using upcycled cardboard boxes, egg boxes, clippings from the tree, wooden pallets and cable drums. Check out all these wonderful Recycled and Green Christmas activity ideas from our Cosy Club members and Cosy Creatives. Christmas crafts - making...
  3. Ideas for creating a natural classroom

    Ideas for creating a natural classroom

    Create a natural classroom both inside and out with these ideas for creating a natural classroom - from resources to furniture. From Hessian fabric for display, through to loose parts, natural construction, cosy wicker reading or den pods and furniture - let us inspire you. Cosy and Natural is what we do best Your natural classrooms A wicker Arch...

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