The H Crate is so versatile. They are robust, weatherproof and can be left outdoors. Enabling imaginative play, they can be used as large loose parts for stacking and construction, creating vehicles, mud kitchens and obstacle courses. Upcycle those crates, tyres and wooden planks - encourage children to use their imagination to create whatever they want.

Here we show a variety of ideas for using H crates in outdoor play.

H Crate Large Loose parts construction

Chaucer infants and nursery school have enjoyed getting imaginative with their h crates and large loose parts. Super to see the addition of cable drums and wooden planks too.

Add hollow blocks (4816) and your favourite recycled crates for a plastic and wood construction mash up.

Construct roadways for trucks and vehicles using h crates and planks.

H Crate Vehicles

This little one has created a racing car with his h crates - zooooom! Add mini tyres and a steering wheel.

These children at Busy Bees are having a fabulous time outdoors with these crates and wheels - creating a train for the class to board. Great skills! We love the addition of the traffic signs too!

H Crate Mud Kitchens

Use H crates and creative counter tops to create pop up mud kitchens wherever you like. Allow children to mix it up and create the kitchen that they want.

Ideas for using Cosy H Crates

H Crate Obstacle Courses

H crates are prefect for making obstacle courses - use them as giant stepping stones, place planks across them from one to another as a bridge, create slopes with planks and wooden ladders.

Ideas for using Cosy H Crates

Create an obsatcle course even in smaller settings. Create a large obstacle course yet packs away using limited space. Why not use the H Crates for storage shelves. Include ladders, up n down pathway, wider decking, single decking, h crates & hollow blocks.


Use your H Crates to store your loose parts and outdoor resources - great for carrying and stacking.


H crates make great little seats. perfect for this low activity table that houses 4 H crates beneath for handy storage or as pack away chairs. Sturdy wipe clean surface ideal for shared activities, painting, drawing or simply as an inspection space in the outdoors. Smaller version for small spaces below and a whiteboard version.

We have a large range of h crates and wooden crates - visit our website to view more.

We hope that you have found this blog post useful with lots of H Crate Play Ideas and inspiration. Please let us know if you have a favourite that is not on this list.

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With thanks to The Cosy Creatives and Cosy Club Members for this blog post and images.