We have collated all the fabulous Christmas activity ideas for children here in this post to inspire your festive play.

If you want to get merry and bright, join in as much or as little as you like. A new activity theme for each new day, to help inspire some festive play! So if you need some Christmas cheer, the 12 days of Cosy Christmas is here!

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Day 1 - Christmas Sleigh

12 days of Cosy Christmas...it's day 1! The outdoor fun has just begun. Today your challenge is to get outside, and make your own pretend sleigh to ride.

Day 2 - Christmas Treasure Baskets

12 days of Cosy Christmas...it's day 2! Let's add some Christmas sparkle too. Gather objects and decorations, make a treasure basket for investigation.

Day 3 - Snowman

12 days of Cosy Christmas...it's day 3! What will today's fun challenge be? Make a snowman tall and proud, using things you have lying around.

Day 4 - Christmas Card

12 days of Cosy Christmas...it's day 4! We've had some fun but there's plenty more. Paint or glitter, ribbon by the yard, can you design your own Christmas card?

Day 5 - Christmas Treats

12 days of Cosy Christmas...it's day 5! Time for a break from outside. Get in the kitchen and get your apron on. Make some yummy Christmas treats and eat one before they're gone!

Day 6 - Christmas Handprints

Day 6 has arrived; time for mess. But it will be fun so do not stress. Use painty handprints to make some big shapes. We can't wait to see what you create!

Day 7 - Christmas Tree

Day 7 is here, more creations are required. I hope you are feeling festive-inspired. Egg boxes, cardboard what will you use, to make a craft Christmas tree what will you choose?

Day 8 - Christmas Wrapping Paper

Here we are, Cosy Christmas day 8. If you haven't yet joined in it's not too late. There are still a few activities left on the list, can you make your own wrapping to put around your gifts?

Day 9 - Christmas Wreath

9 days have passed, but we still have 3 more. We do hope these festivities aren't feeling a chore. Craft items, natural the choice is up to you...Can you make a wreath or 2?

Day 10 - Christmas play dough

Here's day 10 and just 2 days to play. Try to make something with dough today. Salt decorations topped off with a bow. Or glitter and cinnamon-infused in playdough!

Cosy Christmas

Day 11 - Christmas Story Crate

Day 11 and the fun carries on. 12 days of Cosy Christmas is almost fully done. Use your favourite Christmas story, it's story crates today! Use the story and some props to inspire your festive play.

Day 12 - Christmas Pudding

The grand finale, our final day! We hope you've enjoyed the Christmas play. Christmas pudding is the theme of today. We'd love you to make it the mud kitchen way!

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