Effortless Ordering Toolkit for Educators: Ordering made Easy

Welcome to our Effortless Ordering Toolkit designed specifically for those orders that need a little more brainpower to complete! We understand the unique needs of practitioners who often collaborate and share resources within settings. Our toolkit offers four easy ways to streamline your online shopping experience. From the convenience of sharing your basket with colleagues via email or social media, to creating a personalised Wishlist, you'll find efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Our Quick Order Portal ensures a hassle-free ordering process, while our Excel Ordering feature simplifies bulk purchases. With our toolkit, ordering supplies and coordinating purchases with your colleagues has never been easier.

Share & Save your Basket

Effortlessly collaborate with colleagues within your setting by sharing your basket. Whether you're planning a group purchase for room supplies or seeking input from your colleagues, this feature allows for seamless communication and coordination, making it easier to share and order items within your setting. You can also name and save your baskets separately for later. Perfect for when you want to keep your orders separated by room, for example.


Create personalised wishlists to save items for future purchases or share them with colleagues. With Wishlists, you can easily keep track of desired products for your classrooms or setting, making it convenient to revisit and order them whenever you're ready, ensuring a smooth ordering process. Your Wishlist can be saved, shared and added to the basket with just one click.

Quick Order Portal

Streamline your ordering process with our Quick Order Portal designed specifically for settings. It provides a user-friendly interface for swiftly entering product codes or names, adding quantities, and completing your order in just a few clicks. This saves valuable time and effort, making it ideal for all settings.

Excel Ordering

Simplify bulk ordering for your setting by utilising our Excel Ordering feature. Download a template, populate it with the required products and quantities, and effortlessly upload it to our website. This efficient ordering method is perfect for settings who need to order multiple items at once, ensuring a super quick and simple process.