Safety Information

General Warnings & Consumer Advice

At Cosy we LOVE to see our products being used to their full potential as often as possible by as many children as possible, to do this we need to make sure you are aware of how to care for your product to make it last as long as possible. We also need to make sure that you are aware of the guidelines we recommend around some of our products.

Our natural ‘living’ outdoor wooden products may after a period of time change shape & colour. The wood is ‘green wood’, simply cut and as such will expand and contract with the weather, splits are likely to occur and bark may fall off as the product naturally weathers and reacts to the sunshine and  rain, along with other weather elements. We recommend that all products are checked and maintained regularly to ensure they are kept in pristine condition.

We recommend you treat them further with non-toxic water or oil based treatments as and when necessary in the same manner you would with any other outdoor wooden garden products. We would advise against filling any gaps, cracks or splits with wood filler as this will detract from the products natural aesthetic offering.

Feel free to sand any edges that become rough or splintered and wire brush any mould or moss to keep the product useable and clean.


As many of the products we supply are classed as ‘toys’ children should be appropriately instructed and supervised at all times when using them.

For safety purposes all outdoor play equipment is required to be sited on a flat level surface which conforms to EN 1177:2018 (Impact Attenuating Playground Surfacing).

For all physical development play equipment before the start of each play session check that all the fixings are tight.

Check play equipment daily after use for breaks and hazards such as cracks and splinters.

All treatment on the play equipment MUST be re-applied 6-12 months after purchase to help prolong its life.

Please ensure that any stains or paints used are child-friendly and non-toxic.

All climbing products with a height of up to 150 cm require a free fall space of 150 cm on all sides clear of any obstacles.

All climbing products with a height of up to 200 cm require a free fall space of 183 cm on all sides clear of any obstacles.

As with any new piece of equipment or new children using existing equipment, a risk assessment needs to be undertaken in your environment and rules for use clearly communicated to ensure maximum fun in the safest way.

Point out obvious specific risks relating to individual products and rules of use.

Identify which products may need higher levels of supervision and store them in an area to be treated differently.

If you are using outdoor products be aware that the risk will increase relating to certain weathers such as increased slippiness, manage accordingly.

Physical development play equipment like all products offer opportunities that children will play in unusual ways with products, be sure to create a framework of understanding with regards to climbing, balancing, building to ensure the children play safely.

Inform the participants that as some items are heavy or long, they should not be carried or held above head height and that some should ideally be moved using two people to ensure that no injuries occur.

Ensure all supervisors are risk awareness trained and there is a sufficient level of supervision at all times.