Create a natural classroom both inside and out with these ideas for creating a natural classroom - from resources to furniture. From Hessian fabric for display, through to loose parts, natural construction, cosy wicker reading or den pods and furniture - let us inspire you. Cosy and Natural is what we do best 🌳💚🍃

Your natural classrooms

A wicker Arch - available in a variety of sizes - for both indoor and outdoor use. Dress with hessian fabric, artificial ivy, fairy lights, bunting. Add carpet offcuts, cosy cushions and a selection of books about nature.

natural classroom

A wicker pod - create a cosy corner for relaxing, chatting with friends and reading. They can be used both indoors and out - when the weather is dry.

Crates - wooden crates make for beautiful displays and natural set ups.

Link with your favourite stories based on the current season and follow children's interest to choose what to display in the crate.

How fabulous is this idea from @mrnoakes_teachingjourney to use our loft den indoors - how inviting for the children.

A beautiful natural classroom below from The Treasure Babes - with lots of natural loose parts to explore both indoor and outdoor, various arches, wooden platforms, padstow baskets, blocks.

Keep your resources in clearly labeled baskets to organise them in an easy way and ensure they are accessible for children. Our padstow baskets come in three sizes and they are perfect to fit them in trays, on shelves and crates.

Little Wise Owls recently transformed their childminding setting to this beautifully inviting room. Wooden crates to explore, a wicker tray on a wooden cable drum, baskets with lots of loose parts treasures and just look at that wooden platform for small world or to display items.

We simply love the natural setting at fluffy ducks childcare. They use our two tone wicker pod, but this corner is so beautiful with wooden crates, wooden number frames, number trays and number ladders to discover. We love the twigs on the ceiling too with fairy lights - so magical.

Claire Wilson has a love for natural settings. The children enjoy our freestanding perpsex art easel outdoors. The wooden cable drum can act as table for painting supplies but can also be used to create small world set ups too.

Children love a mud kitchen, and what better way than to set up their own pop up mud kitchens with crates and wooden planks. Our creative counter tops are perfect for this as they have 4 hob rings on one top and 2 bowls on another for water, sand or mixing.

These can also be transformed into an obstacle course or add mini tyres to create a racing car or vehicle of their choice! Don't forget your steering wheel!

Mrs A Eyfs inspires us with her natural classroom ideas. With her use of wooden ten frames, wicker baskets, wooden counting tree rings and wicker fraction baskets. We also love the use of our creative cascade shelving.

A Montessori Garden uses our beautiful rustic story chair to tell classic tales in amongst the vegetable patch. Such a wonderful and exciting way to tell stories to children.

36 Natural Classroom Ideas

  1. Wooden weaving shapes
  2. Wicker numbers and letters
  3. Wooden number frames
  4. Hessian fabric
  5. Wooden Cable reels
  6. Wooden log slices - blank and burnt with the alphabet or numbers
  7. Blackboard discs
  8. Baskets
  9. Wicker Pod
  10. Wicker Arches
  11. Wooden crates
  12. Natural Fabrics
  13. Natural loose parts treasure basket
  14. Log Loose parts
  15. Natural stacker
  16. Corkboard display boards
  17. Wooden loose parts
  18. Wooden furniture
  19. Wooden mushrooms
  20. Felt scenery mats
  21. Wooden small world house
  22. Felt Mushrooms for small world play
  23. Wicker Heuristic tray
  24. Wooden planks and ladders for obstacle courses
  25. Bamboo guttering, Pots and sorting trays
  26. Coconut handwriting shapes, houses and bowls
  27. Wooden sorting discs
  28. Wicker fraction baskets and sorting circles
  29. Wooden Fraction pieces
  30. Wooden pre-handwriting boards
  31. Rustic small world trog houses
  32. Rustic oven and giant masher for mud kitchens
  33. Creative Countertops for mud kitchens
  34. Wooden number lines
  35. Rustic story chairs
  36. Wooden numbered stepping stones

A gallery of ideas for creating a natural classroom:

natural classroom

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Look after natural resources and check your wicker resources regularly.


With thanks to The Cosy Creatives and Cosy Club Members for this blog post and images.