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  1. Get Ready For International Mud Day: Mud Pie Magic

    Get Ready For International Mud Day: Mud Pie Magic

    Have you heard of International Mud Day? This year International Mud Day will be held on the 29th of June. It is a perfect opportunity for children and adults to get down in the mud and have a great time. But, did you know, that this celebration has a deeper meaning to address world problems like lack of access to...
  2. Choosing a Mud Kitchen

    Choosing a Mud Kitchen

    A Mud Kitchen is a must in an early years setting. Children love to create their own dishes with natural treasures, such as mud, flowers, herbs, stones and sticks. Add recipe cards and create an area where children can be engaged and involved in their play for a long period of time. With an array of mud kitchens to choose...
  3. Let’s get reusing this Earth Day!

    Let’s get reusing this Earth Day!

    Welcome Earth Day! Celebrated globally every year, Earth Day promotes looking after our planet, a value we share at Cosy. The future is in the hands of our little ones after all - so it’s absolutely our responsibility as parents and practitioners to promote a love and reverence for the wonderful natural world. What better way to promote taking care...
  4. Autumn Mud Kitchen Play Ideas

    Autumn Mud Kitchen Play Ideas

    Inspire children to get outdoors and let their imaginations fly in a mud kitchen. Cafe's shops, bakeries, Pizza station, Ice Cream Cart. Children develop their gross motor skills through large mixing and stirring movements, mashing with pestle and mortars and in our giant masher and perfect their fine motor skills as they take a pinch of herbs, grass or leaves...
  5. How to make your own basic mud kitchen

    How to make your own basic mud kitchen

    From mixing and pouring, to measuring and baking, inspire children to get creative with a mud kitchen. Mud Kitchens are expensive, but with a bit of imagination you can create your own using old wooden pallets, plastic milk crates or wooden fruit crates with a wooden plank for a top or an old wooden table. Children will love creating, mixing...

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