Have you heard of International Mud Day? This year International Mud Day will be held on the 29th of June. It is a perfect opportunity for children and adults to get down in the mud and have a great time. But, did you know, that this celebration has a deeper meaning to address world problems like lack of access to water, clean clothes or cleaning suppliers? The founder’s message, Gilian’s McAuliffe, is to help children appreciate the world better. So what are your plans this year? How will you be celebrating?  

At Cosy we love Mud Play all year round and here are a few simple ideas to do in your Mud Kitchen this week: 

  1. Cook your favourite recipes
    Encourage children to cook their favourite recipes. Add some coking books for inspiration and ask children what their favourite dishes are. You might be cooking curry or noodles made of sticks; it's a perfect opportunity to talk to the children about their homes, traditions and culture.
  1. Open a mud café
    Children love creating and role-playing in the shop. Make a mud cafe and encourage children to sell their own mud cakes, teas and coffees. You could cut out some cardboard circles to make muddy pancakes or triangles to build a muddy sponge cake.
  1. Paint with mud
    Simply create a perfect mud consistency by adding water. Encourage children to mark make on paper, clipboards or try vertical painting, by hanging pieces of paper or a large fabric across your playground.
  1. Make muddy small world play
    Add mud to your small world play. Children will love creating their own dinosaur land or a farm by mixing mud and water. Use resources that are suitable for this sensory experience, and add nature treasures like leaves, sticks and stones.
  1. Use herbs and friendly plants to squish and squeeze
    Explore the plants, which are in your garden. What colours are they? Can you decorate your cakes using your finds?
    Use different tools like masher, pestle and mortal to squash and mash your herbs for scent and colour, which you can add to your dishes. Explore mashing, bashing, grinding, squashing and squishing and support children in developing their key muscles.
  1. Put your feet in the mud, make some muddy footprints
    This is a great sensory experience to fully enjoy this special day. Encourage children to put their feet in the mud. Don't forget to do it yourself. You could create your perfect foot cream, what do we need to make a foot cream?
  1. Make mud playdough  
    For this activity, you will need to gather a few pantry ingredients: 2 cups of plain flour, 2 cups of mud, a splash of water, and a splash of oil; add more water if needed. Create muddy cakes using this mud playdough. What tools can you use?
  1. Simply enjoy the mud! 
    Step back and watch your children explore the textures themselves and the joy of glorious mud.

We hope to give you some inspiration for this fantastic celebration.  

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10 Ideas for Mud Play

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