1. Let’s get reusing this Earth Day!

    Let’s get reusing this Earth Day!

    Welcome Earth Day! Celebrated globally every year, Earth Day promotes looking after our planet, a value we share at Cosy. The future is in the hands of our little ones after all - so it’s absolutely our responsibility as parents and practitioners to promote a love and reverence for the wonderful natural world. What better way to promote taking care...
  2. Step it Up this Recycle Week

    Step it Up this Recycle Week

    We are focusing on 'Step it up' this Recycle Week. You might already know that being supportive of the environment and doing minimal harm in all our processes is something we feel very passionate about - so much so that we’ve committed to reaching carbon net zero by 2041. We know that trying to make a difference can feel a...
  3. Just a cardboard box...never!

    Just a cardboard box...never!

    The humble cardboard box is actually a powerful tool for play and learning.  By saving them from the recycling, we are not only repurposing but facilitating a magical opportunity to enhance children’s play.  A box is far from being ‘just a cardboard box’! (Photo credit above to @teameyfs) By offering children the opportunity to play and explore with boxes, we...

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