A Mud Kitchen is a must in an early years setting. Children love to create their own dishes with natural treasures, such as mud, flowers, herbs, stones and sticks. Add recipe cards and create an area where children can be engaged and involved in their play for a long period of time.

With an array of mud kitchens to choose from it can be hard to know what is best. Simple is usually more cost-effective and it is more in the accessories than the actual piece itself.

Below we showcase a range of mud kitchen ideas and a few accessories to help.

Mud Kitchens don't have to be expensive. Inexpensive but still impressive, our Bargain Long Last kitchen will suit all your outdoor 'baking' needs without a high price tag! With a handy storage shelf underneath, a sink and four burners, children will be able to engage in hours of high-quality, imaginative play and learning.


Why not give your mud kitchen a good old makeover? Our ever-popular kitchen corner unit has been given a contemporary twist with this beautiful light shade of sage, to bring more natural hues to our outdoor creative space.

PackAway and Pop Up Kitchens

A simple and easy to transport to the forest pop up mud kitchen using counters and crates. An affordable mud pie kitchen area with this set of three rustic counters. A fantastic resource for open ended play as children can transport them easily, they are useful for all sorts of pop up kitchens. Try them in the sand pit, play house, Forest, on location. The even simpler Rustic Sink and Hob Crate tops are even easier to re-locate.

Mud Kitchen Essentials:

Check out our range of Mud Kitchens and resources for more inspiration - from large corner kitchens to single or double units, Pack away options, wheelchair-friendly kitchens, and Rustic log ovens.

We even have a blog post on how to create your own mud kitchen by upcycling old wooden pallets.

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