Inspire children to get outdoors and let their imaginations fly in a mud kitchen. Cafe's shops, bakeries, Pizza station, Ice Cream Cart. Children develop their gross motor skills through large mixing and stirring movements, mashing with pestle and mortars and in our giant masher and perfect their fine motor skills as they take a pinch of herbs, grass or leaves for their marvelous bakes and mixtures.

Autumn brings with it an abundance of natural treasures to collect and forage for your mud kitchen. Allow children to collect their own ingredients - go on a hunt for acorns, pone cones, leaves of all colours of the season, conkers.

Here is a selection of Autumn Mud Kitchen Play Ideas:

Store all your natural loose parts treasures in our potion jars for maximum effect and for children to self select their ingredients - they look fab lined up on your mud kitchen - a real treasure trove!

The Rustic Oven makes a great addition to any mud kitchen. Bake those mud pies and roasted pumpkin soup. Mash up those pine needles in a giant masher for pine needle tea - a sensory delight.

Creative counters are perfect for pop up mud kitchens wherever you are - stick them on a tuff tray or ideal on crates.

Autumn can be a sensory delight of colours and smells from nature. Be inspired by our Mud Kitchen Recipe cards.

Autumn activity ideas

What would your children cook up in their mud kitchen this Autumn? Conker Soup anyone?

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to make potions - use slime in Cauldrons, Potion bottles with coloured liquids. Pop in some spiders and eye balls - can the children grab the spiders out with tweezers?

We hope that you were inspired by these autumn mud kitchen play ideas. Share your mud kitchen play with us by tagging us @cosydirect on social media. We'd love to see!


With thanks to The Cosy Creatives and Cosy Club Members for this blog post and images.

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