Bamboo is used to make a huge range of products these days from toothbrushes to textiles and our popular bamboo resources such as water chutes and channeling, sorting trays and counting pots.

But how sustainable is Bamboo?

It can be harvested in 3 years so is relatively fast-growing compared to trees which can be from 10-20 years. This makes it a naturally renewable resource.

Did you know that Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon than the equivalent area of trees?

It can also be grown without pesticides and needs very little water.

However, areas of Bamboo are not as biodiverse as a forest - particularly when the land to plant is cleared.

We must also remember that much of the supplies are grown in China so its carbon footprint is considerable.

Recycling centres are not yet set up for recycling it that we are currently aware of.

Cosy Bamboo resources are often used for many years if kept well and looked after. They are a great tool for learning through play - channeling water and sand, guttering for rolling pebbles, acorns and pine cones down. Pathways and tunnels in small world play, collection pots and stationery pots.

Add these bamboo tubes to your loose parts and guttering selection. Children will love pouring sand and water down them. The shorter length makes them equally useful inside or out. 

Why not use our counting pots - a set of 10 marked 1-10 cups for collecting. These make a more natural number line than those out there and can be used as collecting pots for nature's numbers such as cones and stones etc.

bamboo resources

Coconut resources:

We also stock a range of popular coconut resources.

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