Tiny Tyres (4Pk)

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Catalogue Page No: 26,94,124,137,327,364,433,460,461
Only availble at Cosy Direct Upcycled

Substantially made, but small enough for your budding mechanics to handle independently, you just found the new absolute go-to for your construction and loose part play! Combine with plastic trays, wooden planks and more to create all manner of vehicles and contraptions. Ergonomically built for small hands.

  • These are recycled products and are potentially limited in availability. 

  • Please share the love and only purchase one set per school.

  • Sizes vary.

  • Rec. 3+.

  • Supervision recommended.

  • Designs vary.


Supplementary products are available separately NEW RECYCLED CONSTRUCTION KIT

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2024 Catalogue Page26,94,124,137,327,364,433,460,461
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