Inspire My Play Tray

Inspire My Play Tray

Mini Tuff Spot - Various Colours

Mini Tuff Spot - Various Colours

Tuff Spot - Various Colours

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967 - Various
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967 - Various
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We are very proud of our Tuff Spot selection. Each colour tuff spot can be suitable for different types of play, they are great to use as a background for small loose parts of play with natural resources or environmental art. 

From white tray - cold arctic environment to green – enchanted forest or beach – ideal for sand play. Our black tray is the most popular one as you can also use chalk to write on it.

It’s a must-have tray play for little ones. Ideal to contain the mess due to raised sides and it may work well for setting up heuristic play on the floor, messy play activities, small world, literacy or maths invitations. Open-ended possibilities are key to our Tuff Spot, simply check #cosytuffspot to get some inspirations for setups. This tray is also easy to clean and wipe. Use it in a vertical position if very messy to hose down any dry spots.


  • The raised sides help to keep the mess contained such as rice, cornflour or other small items.

  • Size: D95cm x H6cm.

  • Suitable for all ages.

  • Scratches may appear over time

  • Material: Heavy Duty Plastic

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