Mini Tuff Spot Grass

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Nurture a child’s curiosity by providing them with this open ended, textured grassy tuff tray insert. Perfectly designed to fit snug inside any tuff tray, adding a sensory layer to the tray for children to explore and feel. Perfect addition for enhancing any small world invitations to play.  It can also be used independently for example, on the floor for little crawlers and non-movers to explore.


  • Ideal for small groups or individuals.
  • Perfect for setting up small world scenes such as using it as a base for farms, jungles and fairy gardens to support imagination and creativity.
  • This product is versatile it can be used inside and outside.
  • Non-abrasive grass, giving it a textured grassy feel which is soft to touch.
  • Can easily be rolled up and unrolled flat, for storage options.
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