Cosy Reading Zone - Taupe Roof Without Baskets

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Locally Made NEW!
The Millhouse Cosy Reading Zone is the ideal tranquil setting for children to read and relax, or enjoy some quiet play. The den featured in this zone can be used to create a cosy area which you can decorate to suit a chosen theme or activity. Finish this zone with large baskets (available separately), which fit neatly on the shelves of the den unit. Taupe roof (baskets are not included). Each unit is manufactured in the UK and made from scratch-resistant maple melamine with solid beech features which are durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean. 10 year guarantee. Free Gold Service Delivery. Zone includes the following units: • Clear View Low Browser • Mobile Clear View Browser • Mobile Tall Book Display • Double Sided Book Display Unit • Tall Den Cave Set - Taupe Roof • Low Level 90 Degree Corner Unit Cosy Reading Zone Area: 3.35m x 2.31m
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