Wonderful Wicker! Creating a natural, cosy classroom or setting can be so beneficial to the well-being of both children and staff alike. Adding wicker elements helps to break up the space, creating a more cosy, natural environment.

From our cosy wicker pods and dens to a wicker archway - both can be staple pieces in creating a more natural space.

A wicker reading pod creates the perfect cosy space for quiet time, reading, a chat with friends or even a nap!

A wicker arch can be a magical entrance to a reading corner or home corner or outdoors it could lead children into a story garden, a magical place at the bottom of forest school or the vegetable patch.

Wicker Trays

We have a couple of wicker tray varieties to choose from.

Our popular wicker mirror circle is a smaller mirrored option - perfect for little ones to add their natural treasures to look at in more detail. When used outside children can gaze at the trees and clouds above reflected into the mirror.

The heuritic wicker tray is also a popular choice - it fits onto our mini deep stand which makes it perfect for interchanging with the regular plastic trays and the mirrored tray.

We also have a larger heuritic wicker tray - as pictured above, exploration is easy with this giant treasure tray that allows children to explore treasure collections and natural objects in a more collaborative way. A great centre piece for group times and treasure basket sessions.

Why not choose a wicker tuff tray table as an alternative - with plenty of storage space inside. Our Heuristic Wicker tray is also perfect on a small toddler table such as the one above or even a cable drum.

Wicker Accessories

Wonderful Wicker for a natural classroom

Hang wicker numbers and wicker letters from trees outdoors or hang them indoors from twigs attached to the ceiling. Allowing children to look for numbers and letters wherever they look. Use them in a hunt or in a tray to create words. Weave ribbon into them or draw around them.

A variety of wicker sorting trays to add to your collection. From wicker ten frames to wicker sorting baskets that fit on the mini deep stand. These are perfect for sorting and counting loose parts and natural treasures.

Wicker shopping baskets are perfect for role play areas and for taking on treasure hunts and picnics. And then our variety of baskets are perfect for storage of loose parts and bits and bobs.

Our small world houses are ideal for creating all manner of homes and dwellings. Take them outdoors and see who moves in! They could form part of a bug hotel - or keep them indoors for the fairies and elves.

Wonderful Wicker for a natural classroom

Wicker room dividers can create beautiful cosy nooks and corners - creating a natural partition where ever you need one. Add some artificial Ivy and fairy lights for a magical quiet corner.

Wicker weaving shapes and weaving wheels are a great addition to your setting or classroom. Children love to use them in transient art, adding loose parts and weaving string, hessian, ribbon and leaves and flowers into the structures. Hang them from the ceiling or from trees outside.

A wicker weaving tunnel is a perfect addition to your outdoor provision - creating a magical tunnel for children to run through and hide. Can the children weave leaves and ribbon into it? Could they grow sweet peas over it - weaving the tendrils carefully over the top?

Wonderful Wicker for a natural classroom

More Cosy pod ideas:

Why not choose a wigwam!

We love to see our wicker reading pods and arches in your wonderful settings - please do tag us in your photos. Here are just a few to inspire you.

Create a natural classroom with our Wicker Reading Pod - Pods in your settings:

Natural Classroom ideas
Such a beautiful and inspiring space at Fluffy Ducks Childcare

Create a natural classroom with our Wicker Arch - Arches in your settings:

Some more wicker inspiration from your settings:

Make your classroom the learning space for your children as you move through the year.

We hope that you feel inspired by these ideas to create a wonderful wicker natural classroom. Don't forget to tag us in your natural classroom setups.

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