After a brief hiatus the Cosy blog is back, and we have some very exciting new things to share with you! We've been working away behind the scenes on an exciting new project to help you make planning your indoor and outdoor spaces a breeze, and this week, we’re thinking about all things outdoor classroom. Why they’re important, what makes a good one, and our exciting new 3D renderings which help you plan yours with the click of a button.

The research

The benefits of outdoor learning are varied and broad. We love this fantastic article from our friends at The Voice of Early Childhood which summarises key academic research and concludes that ‘the more time children spend outdoors at preschool, the better their attention is as they get older’. Gemma Goldenburg also points out that ‘outdoor time could actually help narrow the disadvantage gap’.

The importance of outdoor education is by no means new - though. In fact, renowned British educator Charlotte Mason told us over 100 years ago that we should ‘never be within doors when we could rightly be without’. 

The joy of an outdoor classroom

We advocate for getting children out into nature as much as possible, exploring the natural world and all it has to give. It’s also important, though, to have a consistent outdoor space near your classroom that is secure and prepared for learners. Enter the magic of an outdoor classroom, or outdoor area! This is what Cosy is all about - and always has been. Our CEO and founder Pete once told us that ‘not all classrooms need a roof’!

With the importance of having a great, well-prepared space outside close to our hearts, we set a plan in motion to make sure that no school is ever unsure on what to place outdoors. Whether it’s because you’re after a plan, some guidance, or are simply short on time, we’ve created some exciting 3D outdoor classroom renderings!

Introducing Cosy Solutions: our preschool and reception outdoor classrooms!

We’re so excited to finally share all our hard work in the form of these beautiful outdoor classrooms for preschool and reception settings. Each rendering is fully customisable to suit your budget and the needs of your cohort, and is purchasable in a big bundle to save you time, energy and money. All learning areas are planned for and covered so you know your space is planned out to teach well-rounded learners! Storage and large units are all included. You’re good to go!

The Reception Outdoor Classroom

Our reception outdoor classroom begins with our outdoor Maths and English Combi Shed for all your resources. Learning continues with our Long last kitchen set, Climbing Crest and Wooden Hill Set - and learning just keeps going with tuff trays, water trays and more. 

The Preschool Outdoor Classroom

Our preschool outdoor classroom is designed for smaller learners, with maximum play potential! The Toddler Maths and Literacy Shed starts things strong, followed by our Nature Station and Slotted Raised Beds. Our Trestle Mountain Trio and Tyre Topper Bouncers keep things moving, too! Learning carries on further with tuff trays, shelters, mud kitchens and more.

All bundles include our most popular products, are fully customisable and interchangeable. Save yourself time and energy, and take a look now!

Happy Exploring!

We hope this post inspires you to explore how your outdoor provision is working for you. After all, it’s incredibly important for learners to get outside. 

Need more help? We offer a free room planning service to support you even further. Reach out to!