Our best outdoor storage shed solutions all in one place! Some great solutions to keep your resources nice and tidy and to access them easily. Children love to have the independence to self-select their own resources and to tidy them all away.

We have designed sheds which can be used as storage and at the same time can be used as part of your outdoor areas.

They can become a writing sheds, reading sheds, messy play or loose parts sheds, maths sheds or even an art shed, which will encourage children to access equipment themselves.

Some of our sheds double up as storage and a sheltered outdoor classroom area, a reading shed, sand pit or bike and trike storage.

Check out some of our best solutions below:

Amongst one of our most popular sheds is our Maths Shed. Take maths outdoors with this fabulous green doored black board shed. Write up mathematical problems and workings out. Create number lines and store maths resources. Maths is all around you and this shed will help you make the most of using your environment. 


Another popular one is our Reading shed. In response to your excitement over the maths shed we have developed our shed range to include some more innovative storage solutions. This shed is configured to provide an outside reading stages with shelves spaced for books or baskets of books, storage space for cushions and beanbags and the capacity to store story props and phonics resources. It also allows you to hang bunting and washing lines for sequencing stories and has blackboard painted doors for storytelling.


Our award winning Writing shed is also a popular choice. Any surface can be a writing surface. Make the most of this storage shed by being able to use it as an enormous blackboard and create a graffiti shed. Store all your clipboards, crates and baskets of writing utensils and wipe clean boards.


The Maths and English Combi Shed gives you the best of both worlds. A super combi shed for all your basic skills needs. If you don't have room or the budget for 2 separate sheds we have created the solution for you. Divided to create two sections, this shed allows you to store your maths and literacy resources together, but without them getting muddled together. 


Our Shedlets are ideal for a quick storage and to create a mini area in your setting: Maths, Literacy, Texture/Mud Kitchen, Explorer or Imagination Station.

Choose what you want accessible with this split curriculum shed. Why not fill it with crates to store your resources labelled and neatly and accessible for children.


More from our range including Busy Builders shed, book sheds, welly and waterproof sheds, science sheds, toddler sheds sand sheds and bike sheds:

These mini shed stores are perfectly sized for kids to access equipment themselves and great in smaller spaces. 

These reading and writing sheds are superb if you have the space. Shelters & storage in perfect harmony. Add the Takoma Shelter in the middle to create a real focal point for reading and literacy in your playground.

Bike sheds. Store bikes, trikes and other outdoor resources and protect them from the elements with our easily accessible and sturdy sheds.

This versatile shelter is a perfect enclosed space for story time, art, role play, creativity and as a base for providing shade or shelter from the elements. A combination of our sheds at a great price.

Check out our full range of outdoor storage solutions here.

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