We don’t know about you, but at Cosy HQ we can feel Easter approaching – the scent of chocolate is filling the air, and there are definitely more rabbits popping up everywhere! With all this in mind, you might be beginning to think about how you’ll celebrate Easter with your little ones. Whether you’re a practitioner or a parent, the classic chocolate Easter hunt might be getting a little sickly sweet - so we have some alternatives up our sleeves for you. Let’s not waste any more time - get reading and get planning!

Loose parts Easter hunt

Although there’s certainly fun to be had in your classic chocolate Easter hunt, why not try out a reusable and sustainable version that will last over and over for years to come? Use our lovely open-ended Eggs and Cups Heuristic Set for a great eco-friendly alternative. Dot the eggs all around your setting, and perhaps set just the one big chocolate prize for whoever can find the most! For slightly older children, try turning things into a scavenger hunt by leaving clues around your setting. Who will solve the riddles to find the missing eggs?

If your little ones enjoy your egg and cups loose parts hunt, why not extend the play? All sorts of loose parts can be hidden around the setting, perhaps even little Easter rabbits or farm animals could be hidden and kept for those who discover them!

Egg and spoon races

Need we say more here? Let’s get cracking. Create three ‘lanes’ for your egg and spoon race. Line up your competitors in groups of four - perhaps split your cohort into three teams: rabbits, chicks and lambs! See which team can get to the other end of the lane without dropping their egg. 

Paint your own Easter eggs

Once you’ve enjoyed your loose parts Easter hunt, and perhaps had your fill of egg and spoon races, why not try decorating wooden eggs? This is a wonderful activity to support fine motor development while fulfilling the expressive art and design areas of the EYFS curriculum. Encourage little ones to explore colour mixing, too, then use the eggs to decorate your seasonal Easter display.

Make your own story stones 

Whether you plan to retell the Easter story to your little ones or not, creating your own story stones is a wonderful way to support seasonal vocabulary. Make your own story stones beforehand, or involve the little ones to create prompts for retelling Easter stories, stories about rabbits, stories of the Easter bunny and more.

We hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for your Easter provision - we’d love to see if you try them out! Make sure to tag us on social media. Happy Easter from all of us at Team Cosy.

We hope that you have got lots of ideas to take away from our Easter Hunt post. 

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