Continuing with our Sustainability story, it is with great pleasure that we can officially announce that the contracts are signed, and Solar is on its way to Cosy HQ.

220 Trina Vertex panels will soon adorn our roof. Over 40% of our total energy usage will now be 100% renewable and carbon-free.

In practical terms, this means in the brightest months of June and July, almost 100% of our energy usage will be provided by the array.

As well as saving on our energy bills, the array will also help us reduce our Scope I and 2 emissions (Emissions directly controlled by the business) by an estimated 15 metric tonnes. Considering the entirety of our direct emissions are around 40 tonnes, this is a huge reduction.

The installation is set to begin towards the end of May, with it being fully operational by the first week of June, ready to capitalize on the (hopefully) sunny summer.

A massive thank you to Matt from MTG energy for all his help during the planning of this project.

Our Product range:

71% of our product range is Low Carbon, Locally Made.

16% is Low process/ close to nature / upcycled.

75% Supports Cosy Foundation.

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View our 2021 Sustainability Report:


Since our inception in 2011, Cosy has put sustainability at the centre of its existence.

Built with the aim to incorporate more nature into ever increasing indoor childhoods, we sought to move away from the high carbon, single use plastics that dominate the industry, and instead focus on products that re-engage today’s children with nature.

From using local small and medium sized businesses to supply the majority of our products, to offering some of the most natural and low process goods in the world of educational equipment, we prioritise a greener approach to business and play.

Cosy awarded prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Platinum Jubilee year