1. Shadow Play: Use a torch or a lamp to create different shapes and shadows on a wall or ceiling. Encourage babies to reach out and touch the shadows, fostering their visual tracking skills.

2. Light Box Exploration: Place various translucent objects, such as coloured blocks or plastic animals, on a light table or a clear plastic container with a light source underneath. Babies can explore the objects, observe how the light shines through them, and experiment with stacking or sorting.

3. Mirror Fun: Provide baby-safe mirrors and position them in different angles to reflect light. Babies can observe their own reflections, reach out to touch the mirror, or explore how the light bounces off the surface.

4. Bubble Play: Use a bubble machine or blow bubbles with a wand near a light source. Babies can watch the bubbles float and reflect light, stimulating their visual tracking and curiosity.

5. Torch Exploration: Give young children  small, child-safe torches to hold and manipulate. They can experiment with turning it on and off, shining it on different objects, or exploring how the light changes when they cover the torch with their hands.

6. Light-Up Toys: Provide toys that light up when squeezed or shaken. Babies can explore cause and effect as they discover how their actions activate the lights.

7. Glow Stick Sensory Bag: Place glow sticks inside a clear, sealed plastic bag filled with water or gel. Babies can squish and manipulate the bag, observing the glowing effect and feeling the texture of the water or gel.

8. Light and Music: Play soft, soothing music while using a dimly lit room or a nightlight. Babies can listen to the music and observe the calming effect of the gentle light, creating a relaxing and sensory experience.

9. Nature's Light: Take babies outside during the day to explore natural light. They can feel the warmth of the sun, observe the changing shadows, and explore the natural world around them.

Remember to always supervise babies during light play activities and ensure that all materials used are safe and age-appropriate. These simple ideas provide babies with opportunities to engage their senses, explore cause and effect, and develop their cognitive and motor skills in a playful and open-ended manner.

Written by @littlemissearlyyears