Wooden Hill Set (7Pk)

Wooden Hill Set (7Pk)

Outdoor Gym Set 3

Outdoor Gym Set 3

Outdoor Activity Play Gym With Wobble Board

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Our modular range of freestanding outdoor play equipment has been designed to stimulate and challenge the physical development of toddlers. Whether climbing, balancing, crawling, contemplating or sliding, children will have great fun whilst interacting with playmates and developing their physical, coordination and social skills. The elements are attached together with a rubber rest and secured with a strong outdoor velcro fastener.

Contains 16 pieces.

Set includes: Technicolour walkway, bridge, arch walkway, slide, magic mushroom trestle, rock climber, square platform, wonky walker, stepping leaf, ladder walkway (long), ladder walkway (short), trestle (30cm), trestle (60cm), trestle (90cm), trestle (120cm) and fire engine.

Age 3-11.

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