There Was An Old Lady Storysack

There Was An Old Lady Storysack

The Princess and The Dragon Storysack

The Princess and The Dragon Storysack

Our Cat Cuddles Storysack

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Lizzie and Dominic desperately want a kitten, but they get much more than they bargain for! The puppets and audio CD in this Storysack® bring the story to life, whilst the creative language development cards build on the exciting language used in the book. A non-fiction game helps to teach children to care for pets. Many activities involving the use of language, adjectives and pet care can be explored using this sack. A Storysack® is a large cloth bag containing a quality child's picture book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. To bring the book to life, soft toys of the main characters, artefacts relating to items in the story, a non-fiction element relating to the fiction theme and a game based on the book are included. A guide and prompt suggest ways of developing listening, reading and writing skills using the contents of the Storysack®.
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