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Square Group Table Set (5Pk)

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CVC & CVVC Trays (6Pk)

Windy Day Wooden Clipboards A4 (4Pk)

£23.99 £19.99
Catalogue Page No: 308
SKU: 53659
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Wind, wind, go away! No need to fret when it’s getting too windy outdoors - these clipboards are designed with double clips on either end to ensure your paper stays firmly put. Get several and use them in an outdoors continuous provision so you never lose a worksheet again! 3yrs+.

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Catalogue Page Number 308
Catalogue Description These A4 Windy Day Wooden Clipboard is designed to keep your paper in one place even on a windy day. No more flying paper away, use two clips to secure it steady and encourage drawing in a great outdoors.
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