Tuff Spot Tray - Various Colours

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Introducing our Tuff Trays, versatile play accessories crafted for durability and exploration. With raised sides, they contain messy activities and encourage diverse play experiences. Ideal for group play, they offer ample space for various activities, fostering collaboration and social interaction. Portable and adaptable, they facilitate limitless learning opportunities indoors and outdoors, making them essential in educational settings.

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967 - Various
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Introducing our Tuff Trays (also known as tuff spots or play trays) - the ultimate multifunctional play accessories designed to ignite creativity and exploration in children of all ages! Engineered for durability and versatility, these are a must-have addition to any classroom, childcare or EYFS setting. 

Crafted from tough, impact-resistant plastic, our Tuff Trays can withstand the rigours of active play activities with ease. With 8 raised sides, they are ideal for containing those messy play or loose part activities. The shape is perfect to allow children to easily move around and explore each activity from a different perspective and angle. Due to the large size of the trays, they are ideal for group play, providing ample space for a wide range of activities, from sensory activities and water play to arts and crafts, construction projects, and many more. It also encourages children to collaborate, communicate and socially interact with their friends through play.

Unleash endless possibilities with our Tuff Tray's adaptability for countless multi-sensory play learning opportunities. Use them for sorting activities, STEM experiments, small world play, and imaginative storytelling. Enhance fine motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory exploration as children engage with various materials and concepts. Our Tuff Trays aren't just for play—they’re a versatile learning tool too. 

Their portable lightweight design allows for easy transportation between indoor and outdoor spaces, making them ideal for use in classrooms, playrooms, gardens, and sensory corners. Use our height adjustable tuff tray stand (Product Code: 26233) for different age groups or as a classroom display. Alternatively, use them on the floor for baby and toddler heuristic exploration.  Plus, their low profile and stackable design ensure convenient easy storage when not in use.

Unlock the potential for limitless fun, learning, and discovery with our Tuff Trays. Whether it's fostering creativity, promoting sensory exploration, or facilitating hands-on learning, these durable play accessories are sure to become a cherished staple in any educational or recreational environment.

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