Tuff Spot Tray - Wooden Super Store Stand - H40cm

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Transform indoor and outdoor play with our Wooden Tuff Spot Tray Super Store Stand, offering convenience and storage. At 40 cm in height, it's ideal for younger EYFS settings, providing a stable base for various activities. Crafted for durability, it fosters collaboration and imagination while maximising space usage.

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A Tuff Spot Tray stand with storage, you say? Look no further than our wooden tuff spot tray super store stand! Transform your indoor and outdoor play into a world of endless exploration and creativity with convenience and storage thrown in. Designed with durability in mind, our super store stand makes the perfect companion for your Tuff Spot Trays, elevating your play activities to new heights. A great way to maximise the use of your indoor or outdoor space, or for those on a budget, this clever storage and stand combined unit allows you to store all your tuff spot tray resources directly underneath the tuff spot tray itself. Perfect for construction, loose part or messy play materials that are regularly used on your tuff spot tray. Safely store all of the resources you will need to provide wonderful learning opportunities inside and watch it become a focal point for any garden or EYFS setting.

At 40 cm in height, this super store stand is perfect for younger EYFS settings with toddlers and beyond, creating an ideal play and work space for them to utilise. We offer three different heights to choose from, allowing for settings to choose the size tailored to their needs. Why not try multiple super store stands in your setting for your Tuff Spot Trays to be set together for a large play invitation, to be spread across different learning areas, or even used across mixed age settings to suit every little one’s needs! 

Crafted from high-quality materials, our super store stand is built to withstand the rigours of play. Its sturdy construction provides a stable base for our Tuff Spot Trays, allowing children to engage in various play and learning activities without worry. Whether it's messy play, sensory play or sand play, our stands provide a safe and secure platform for all activities. 

Designed to perfectly accommodate our Tuff Spot Trays, providing ample space for children in your setting to interact and collaborate with their peers. A perfect lidded storage to keep all of your resources clean and dry. This strong and sturdy storage can be used both indoors and out and will provide flexible play space to encourage positive group play and help to build social and communication skills. With brilliant added value in the way of a lovely wooden aesthetic feel and a vast amount of hidden storage, these stands are sure to be a new favourite in your setting and will fit perfectly into any colour scheme! Be gone plastic! 

Our super store stands are more than just pieces of furniture - they are a gateway to endless possibilities. Built to inspire countless adventures, these super store stands are a must-have addition to any EYFS setting. Elevate learning, foster imagination and create unforgettable memories with the Wooden Tuff Spot Tray Super Store Stand.



  • Compatibility: Our super store stands are specifically designed to accommodate our tuff spot trays (Product Code: 967) ensuring a perfect fit every time, making them convenient and functional ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your existing Tuff Spot Trays. 
  • Durable: Built with durability in mind, our super store stands are manufactured from high quality wood. Designed to withstand rigorous use. Their sturdy construction ensures stability and longevity, making it suitable for all environments and providing a safe platform for children to explore and learn. For outdoor use, we recommend regular treatment of the wood for longer life. 
  • Stability: The robust design of our super store stands enhances stability, preventing wobbling or tipping during use, ensuring a safe environment for children and facilitating focused engagement in activities.
  • Smooth Finish: Our super store stands are finished with a smooth surface, free from rough edges or splinters, ensuring safety and comfort during handling and use.
  • Multiple Heights: Our Super Store Stands come in three different height sizes: 70cm, 50cm and 40cm. This means you can have a super store stand for every play scenario. 
  • Versability: A tuff spot tray stand as well as storage to keep your resources clean and dry. Perfect for outdoor EYFS settings.



  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: By elevating your Tuff Spot Trays, our super store stands enable a diverse range of activities that promote sensory exploration, fine motor skills and imaginative play. Children can engage in hands-on learning experiences tailored to their developmental stage and interests.
  • Promotes Creativity and Exploration: Our differing heights encourage imaginative play, experimentation and a hands-on learning experience; fostering creativity and curiosity among children.
  • Flexibility: Our super store stands adapt to different settings and activities, expanding opportunities for learning and engagement across all learning environments.


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