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About Cosy


Here at Cosy we are passionate about encouraging play and adventurous activities that enable children to learn and develop whilst having fun.

It's never been more important time to unclutter children's playful learning with simple, down to earth approaches to enlivening education. We hope you see this Cosy project as a home of ideas for your own creativity - let's keep it, share it and build the project together. Anything we can do, you can do better...?

Taunt us with your brilliance, annoy us with your demands, test us with your talent!

We will NEVER overprice to give you back your own money in 'bogus discounts' or inflate prices for 'free delivery gimmicks'.

We pre discount everything so that every single person is guaranteed an excitingly low price. We won't make you do the work to find the cheapest price to match-that's our job.

We travelled countrywide to meet you, we're keen to come again this year as these are real 'energy givers' for us, an inspiration to keep on working hard.

Thank you for supporting the cosy project - Hope to meet up this year!

Nick, Pete, Nicola & the Cosy Crew.

Team Cosy

Tel: 01332 370152

Email: ideas@cosydirect.com

Our Business

Advisors, teachers and educators all play an instrumental role in developing, testing and approving our product range.
We work with settings of all sizes from nationwide charitable organisations, LEA’s to private day nurseries and childminders.


Our extensive range of innovative products are deliberately open-ended to encourage active learning, problem solving and creative thinking.


We consciously keep our prices low to make our entire range of products accessible to all. We do not overprice.


We are proud to lead the way on adding imaginative, recycled and upcycled products to our range.