Camo Net 10 Metres 51914

Camo Net 10 Metres

Multiuse Stem & Den Tyre Stands (4Pk)

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Catalogue Page No: 5, 61, 127, 555
SKU: 52785
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The perfect multi-use resource to encourage den building and imaginative play with a stable base. Screen off different areas of your provision, add tarpaulin and bars to make dens, add rope and pegs for a washing line for numeracy - the ideas go on! A great standard part of your continuous provision to allow for an ever-adapting space, encouraging little ones to take ownership of their outdoor area.

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Catalogue Page Number 5, 61, 127, 555
Catalogue Description Our Stem & Den Tyre Stands can be used for den building or screening off spaces, use with poles to create structures, limbo bars, hanging spaces for maths and literacy projects and a whole lot more. The holes and notches mean it is easy to be creative. A stable way to create spaces with added height.
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