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We are very proud of our Cosy Maths collection, which is growing rapidly. We listen to your ideas and make resources which fit you and your children’s needs. There are plenty of opportunities to compare height, weight, size and textures. Our number resources will provide the chance to get familiar with numerals and talk about them, start to recognise them, begin to count, add objects together and take them away. Maths does not need to be boring as learning can happen while having fun and we believe that having mathematical resources outside will support children’s mathematical development even further.

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  1. Counting Box
    Counting Box SKU 48798
    £29.99 £35.99
  2. Decimal Bars Student
    Decimal Bars Student SKU 46763
    Special Price £1.92 £2.30 Regular Price £3.59
  3. Desk Number Line (-20 To +20)
    Desk Number Line (-20 To +20) SKU 46616
    Special Price £1.93 £2.32 Regular Price £4.79
  4. 46615
    Desk Number Line (-50 To +50) Set Of 35 SKU 46615
    Special Price £1.93 £2.32 Regular Price £4.79
  5. Dice 10 Face 00-90
    Dice 10 Face 00-90 SKU 46768
    Special Price £12.10 £14.52 Regular Price £15.59
  6. Dice 10 Face 000-900
    Dice 10 Face 000-900 SKU 46769
    Special Price £12.10 £14.52 Regular Price £15.59
  7. Dice 6 Face Words 1-6 16mm Jar
    Dice 6 Face Words 1-6 16mm Jar SKU 46764
    Special Price £15.40 £18.48 Regular Price £23.99
  8. Dice Blank 16mm Jar
    Dice Blank 16mm Jar SKU 46772
    Special Price £8.23 £9.88 Regular Price £10.79

Items 81-100 of 395

per page
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