Explore the magical world of letters and sounds through our unique Cosy literacy resources. We aim for children to have a chance to get familiar with letters and words from their early years and while using them in their everyday play, they will start to recognise them. We have a range of wooden letters and sounds, which you can display or use in your everyday set ups. Make it fun, be creative and imaginative. Our resources will also save your precious time and you can choose from our big selection of hand painted story stones, story props and voice recorders. 

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  1. 15 Pocket Tool Roll
    15 Pocket Tool Roll SKU 46564
    Special Price £2.05 £2.46 Regular Price £5.99
  2. 6 Comprehension Games
    6 Comprehension Games SKU 47206
    Special Price £8.25 £9.90 Regular Price £15.59
  3. Book Cushions
    Book Cushions SKU 45923
    £59.99 £71.99
  4. Collecting Tree
    Collecting Tree SKU 33535
    £37.95 £45.54
  5. Core Reading Tree Titles (reception)
    Core Reading Tree Titles (reception) SKU 47588
    Special Price £10.29 £12.35 Regular Price £23.99
  6. Corner Play House
    Corner Play House SKU 30356
    £399.00 £478.80
  7. Hanging Wooden Spellings - Year 2
    Hanging Wooden Spellings - Year 2 SKU 46983
    Special Price £6.12 £7.34 Regular Price £29.99

Items 1-20 of 88

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