Nursery Rhyme Spoons (15Pk)

Nursery Rhyme Spoons (15Pk)

Letters And Sounds Phase One Kit

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Attune children to the sounds around them, develop their speaking and listening skills and prepare them for oral blending and segmenting with this fantastic Phase 1 kit. Recognising the importance of learning through play whilst introducing children to the starting point of letters and sounds. This kit is packed full of multisensory activities to support the development of auditory discrimination skills, awareness of sounds, rhythm and rhyme. Rec 3+ years. Colours may vary. Percussion Set, Animal Sounds Bingo, Household Sounds Bingo, Transport Sounds Bingo, Rhyming Bingo, Set of six Acrylic Mirrors, Voice Sounds Cards, Food Speaking & Listening Ball, Transport Speaking & Listening Ball, Household Speaking & Listening Ball and Animal Speaking & Listening Ball all packed in a Gratnell Storage Box.
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Catalogue Page Number304