Spring has sprung, the sun is warm and the days are longer. Spend more time outdoors; learning through play with these ideas for outdoor spring activities.

Go on a bug hunt

Grab a net, magnifying glass and a little bucket or bug viewer and off you go!

Look under leaves, branches, in little nook and crannys. Lift logs and stones to see what scuttles beneath! Don't forget to put them back where you found them so not to disturb their home too much!

Make a DIY Bug Hotel

Use an old crate, wood pallet or cardboard box. Even an old terracotta pot on its side will do. Fill it with twigs, leaves, bamboo, cane, shells, stones.

DIY bug hotel

Planting seeds

Planting seeds is the perfect activity for Spring.

Planting Spring seeds

Lay out a range of seeds for children to choose their own and also to look at them in more detail.

Seed pots

Nature Collection

Go on a walk and collect lots of treasures from nature.

Springtime treasures

Once back, can you identify what you have found? Display them in a tray, draw them and admire them.

Tree bark and Leaf rubbings

Simply place paper over a leaf or tape it to a tree trunk and rub over with wax crayons. Experiment with applying more pressure, does it look better the harder you press or the softer? Use a mix of colours.

Start a Wormery

With thanks to Little Wise Owls for this photo of their wormery

Children just love looking for worms and this large self standing worm farm allows children to watch the worms hard at work in the soil.

Wormery in spring

Playdough Tree Face

Stick clay or playdough to a tree trunk and let children find natural facial features to create a face! Such fun!

With thanks to Eyam Primary School

Build a den

In its simplest form, just collect branches and stack them up around a tree. Or, grab some canes, rope, pegs and material and see what you can create!

Dens in the forest

Den building kits make great starting points.

Counting Bugs

wooden ten frames

Count bugs using number frames.

Counting bugs - spring tray play

Mud Kitchen fun

Children love getting stuck in on a mud kitchen. Make muddy mud cakes, decorated with flowers, potions, perfumes. These counter tops are super easy to create a mud kitchen - simply add them to a couple of crates, anywhere in your setting.

Mud Kitchens in spring


Encourage children to read outdoors in a cosy corner!

Reading in spring

Make a Spring Mandala

Grab natural treasures and create a Spring mandala.

Spring mandala

Flower Spotting

Go for a walk and see which flowers children can identify. Daffodils, Bluebells, Daisies.

Spring flowers

Bird Spotting

Grab your binoculars and clipboards and set off on a Bird Spotting walk. Can children identify birds and their songs? There's an APP for that: BirdGenie!

Make a fairy garden

Make a fairy garden in a plant pot.

Fairy garden

Find Frog Spawn

Go for a walk to find a stream, pond or body of water. Can you see any frog spawn or even tadpoles?

Frog spawn - spring

Make a Daisy Chain

Collect daisies and string them together to make a chain.

Make a bird feeder

Simply cover a craft roll tube in left over fat or peanut butter and then roll in bird seeds. String it up in the trees. Or, use a pine cone as shown below.

Outdoor play - bird feeder

Leaf printing

Paint the underside of a variety of leaves and then print it onto paper. This gives a great effect - showing the veins and leaf markings in more detail.

Make Flower Soup

Collect flowers and add to a potion jar or to a tray with water - swirl about to make flower soup.

Spring Flower soup

Hapa Zome Printing

A Japanese tecnique to smash flowers and leaves to extract their natural colours - this leaves a print on fabric or paper.

Tray Play - Sunflowers

Make Rose petal perfume

Collect petals and flowers, add them to a potion jar and then swirl them round with water. Add a touch of sparkle by adding bio glitter!

mirror tray Spring play ideas

Identify Tree Buds

Outdoor spring activities. Go for a walk armed with digital cameras. Allow children to find and photograph any buds that they come across. Can they identify what they are back at the classroom?

Spring buds

Grow Cress in Egg shells

Plant cress in a little soil in used egg shells. Keep them in their egg boxes to keep them safe!

Planting cress - spring activities

Make some egg box craft daffodils

Using recycled egg boxes cut out petals and a cone. Paint and then glue together.

Spring daffodils

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