Welcome Cosy

Per laborem progredimur

Dear Friend,

We’re a quite new ‘small thinking’ business with a ‘public’ heart. We’re super keen on local sourced supply, craft & artisan design, affordable natural & reuseable resource.

You are keeping the alchemists in the ‘cosy development shed’ super industrious - You’ll find another 700+ of your new ideas, problems and challenges, exhaustingly exciting!

We can’t spend the time to shout as loud as we should about the super low prices we scour for, so thank you for mentioning us and sending for catalogues for your colleagues and friends.

Sincere thanks for being part of the cosy movement- we appreciate your calls/mails/ visits as you tell us you like the way we are madly up for being a company of a different kind.

Best wishes,

Cosy Team

Pete, Amanda, Dave & the Cosy clan
ideas@cosydirect.com Tel: 01332 370152

Call if you have an idea!